In our school we aim to achieve:
  • High standards of learning.
  • A good relationship with parents.
  • Strong links between school,home,places of worship and other organizations.
In our school we aim to provide:
  • A safe secure, stimulating environment for learning.
  • A structured curriculum.
  • A learning community focused on the children and their particular needs.
  • Equal opportunities for all.
  • Well motivated, independent learners with high self esteem.
  • Confident and active citizens,equipped to meet the challenges of the wider community.
  • Good teachers who are themselves lifelong learners.
In our school we are commited to the principles that children need to:
  • Enjoy and achieve at school.
  • Know how to stay safe.
  • Be encouraged to be healthy.
  • Make a positive contribution to society.
  • Achieve economic well-being.
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