Our community is made up of children,parents,teachers,support staff and governors.Everyone has their part to play and this brings with it certain responsibilities.


  • Come to school with their parents and friends.
  • Always try their best in everything they do.
  • Be independent in managing their possessions.
  • Understand and follow the school rules.
  • Follow the class routines.



  • Bring their children to school and collect them on time.
  • Ensure that their children attend school.
  • Support their child by hearing them read and encouraging them to complete any tasks that their teachers ask them to do at home.
  • Keep the school informed of any concerns they may have about their Child’s welfare.


  • Take responsibility for the children between 8.50am and 3.15pm.
  • Work closely with parents.
  • Provide the highest quality of education and care at all times.


Support and assist the Head teacher in the strategic direction of the School.


The health and welfare of your child is our first priority. We will always contact you in case of any concerns. Please keep the school informed of any problems that might affect your child’s schooling. Please telephone the school if you know you will be late collecting your child from school, so that alternate arrangements can be made to ensure that safety of your child. However, regular lateness could be reported to the Education Welfare Officer.

Medical Care    

The school relies upon parents to give up to date information relating to medical needs. Any child who becomes ill in school will be carried four and comforted until you can be connected. We will need your telephone number and number of other emergency contacts in school. You will need to ensure that these are kept up to date.

Prescribed medicines will only be administered if absolutely essential and buy prior arrangement, In line with school policy. If at all possible, please space out when our child needs to  take their medications so it does not have to be given during the school. Please ask at the front  office if such arrangement need to be made.

No treatment of further inspection will be offered without signed consent of a parent or guardian.

Child Protection

In addition to the responsibilities for the welfare of the child in school, we are required by statute to take action on suspected cases of   neglect, physical abuse or ill treatment of pupils which might occur outside the school situation. Where it appear to a member of the school staff that a child has been abused, the school is required to report the matter to the children’s services department immediately


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum to stimulate your child to acquire knowledge and develop individual skills. Children’s achievements are celebrated and every one  enjoy success and praise regularly during their time school we encourage children to become independent and confident in both their work  and social development the children are taught in mixed ability classes.


We value and appreciate the important role you have to play in supporting your child and developing a positive attitude towards school and learning. Helping with homework, hearing children read, encouraging them with their work, etc are obvious ways for parents to help their own children. The school also welcomes the involvement of parents in school on visit.

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